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Solid Surface

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Solid surface is a category that distinguishes itself from both natural stone and quartz. Composed of acrylic, it has a unique composition that allows for seamless design and integrated sinks, as illustrated in the accompanying image. When compared to stone, a solid surface is nonporous like quartz but considerably softer, and it lacks the same level of heat resistance. Therefore, it's crucial to avoid scratching or burning the surface. However, should damage occur, it can be easily buffed out or repaired, making solid surface a compelling option for your countertops. We offer a selection of different brands, depicted below. Click on the links to learn more about each company and what they offer.

Care and Maintenance

The inherent qualities of your solid surface counter tops ensure the ultimate in easy care and renewability. Its nonporous, solid composition makes it easy to live and work with for many years.

Routine Care

Use the following procedures as a guide to everyday care for your solid surface counter tops:

  • Soapy water and ammonia-based cleaners (most glass cleaners, or general purpose cleaners) will remove most dirt and stains from all types of finishes. Wipe dry with dry cloth to prevent water spots. More difficult stains can be removed using a mild abrasive (Bon Ami cleanser) and sponge.

  • Preventing Heat and Other Damage

  • Although your solid surface counters are quite resistant to heat, you should always use a hot pad or a trivet to protect it. Hot pans, as well as some heat-generating appliances like frying pans or electric cooking pots, can damage the surface if a hot pad or trivet is not used.

  • In most cases, your solid surface counter can be repaired if it is accidentally damaged. However, be sure to follow these guidelines to prevent any permanent damage to your counter tops:

  • Avoid exposing your solid surface counters to strong chemicals, such as paint removers, oven cleansers, etc. If contact occurs quickly flush the surface with water.

  • Remove nail polish with a non-acetone-based polish remover and flush with water.

  • Do not cut directly on your counter tops. Use the matching cutting board provided.

Renewing Your Counter tops

Nicks. Stains. Cuts. Scratches. While these can permanently mar most other surfaces, they won’t compromise the appearance of your solid surface counters. That is because they can be restored to their original state. If damage does occur, solid surfacing can be repaired on site, saving both downtime and aggravation.

Periodically, you may wish to have your solid surface tops refurbished professionally. Our customer service department can assist in arranging this service.

We know you will enjoy your new solid surface countertops for many years to come.

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